Website/Flash Production

Website and flash production is all original!

Website production

In the home page production , proposal of the Web site , Web strategy consulting, site promotion,
operation, maintenance, rental server, Web systems in the background and provides total support,
such as by use of Secured Meg ASP services.

Flash production

In the Flash production, excellent operability, interactivity, animation effects,
such as multi-media effects, such as video and audio, the excellent performance
with the Flash to maximize will continue to apply to the website.

Web site production process

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Flash teaching material production

High quality Flash and the operability!


E-learning by production In Flash, the operability of the user, presentation effects,
such as animation, video and audio will be greatly improved.
In addition, you can enhance the learning effect to manage learning by working with database.

And an existing PowerPoint presentation
to Flash of teaching materials.

An existing PowerPoint presentation will evolve into a full-fledged Flash teaching materials
in the Flash authoring tool.

Flash teaching material production process

High quality Flash and the operability!

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WEB site to the top page of the search results!

About SEM

SEM is abbreviation "sarch engine markting".
It is Technique to well attract customers using the search engine.

Benefits of SEM introduction
  • It can support Increase sales of net sales goods.
  • It can collect a customer of Excellent prospects Corresponding to a keyword.
  • You can expect PR effect , such as a company of introduction.

SEM measures

Listing advertisement + Directory registration + Search engine optimization

In particular

  • Listing advertisement = Overture advertising, AdWords, etc.
  • Directory registration = Yahoo! Registration site
  • Search engine optimization = Match of the page (Registration by the robot patrol)
  • Effect measurement

It will raise the advertising effectiveness of the Web site by SEM measures.

About SEM

The proposition of production is made flexible according to the schedule and the cost.