Basic price

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Cost of production of the website

Basic cost (first batch) planning + design + Page production + (Flash production)※

※If there is a Flash production

Continued cost(Year min) 

2.Rental server + domain management + maintenance and management

Other than those above(option)

SEM cost
  • Search engine registration cost to Yahoo! etc.
  • Registration and operation costs to the sponsor site, etc.
  • SEO measures cost
Update costs

design + page production + (Flash production)※

※If there is a Flash production

WEB system development costs

PHP + Date base, Flex, SecuredMeg etc...

Website production cost

Item Unit price Production Rates
Website planning/Constitution(10 pages) 1 color 50,000 yen~
Page production (HTML coding) 1 page 10,000 yen
Top page design/Layout production 1 page 50,000 yen
Lower page design/Layout production 1 page 30,000 yen
Copywriting work 1 page 50,000 yen~
Icon Production 1 pcs 2,000 yen
Image production uptake and correction processing 1 pcs 5,000 yen
Banner advertising production 1 pcs 5,000 yen~
Flash movie 1 contents 30,000 yen~
Javascript and CSS 1 page 10,000 yen~
CGI Whole, PHP, DB production - Separate estimate
Various search engine registration - 105,000 yen~
Server management(domain, maintenance including) - Separate estimate

※1 Photography costs are not included.
※2 GIF version, price will vary depending on Flash version.
※3 Various search engine registration. (yahoo including business express)