LAN・PCserver deployment

It provides a LAN construction services to help efficiency and introducing cost savings of business.

In the case of the PC that is used by the individual, if you want to exchange data with employees to each other, must be to save on USB memory, MO,CD-ROM etc.

Smoothly should you want to advance the work, it will take a long time in spite of being in the same office.

If you introduce a LAN environment to the PC that is used by the individual it be able to uniform management the data in the file server and NAS.
It's possible to do a data sharing between the inside of the company (delivery) from all PCs which connect by the same LAN environment, and it becomes capable of the backup to stop data file disappearance.

By sharing resources , you can prevent unnecessary capital investment.

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VPN network construction

You can be the Internet communication in the network that has been built at a remote office(Headquarters and branch,store and house).
It can be operated as if they were connected network of remote offices in the LAN.

Aren't you in trouble about this?

  • I want to share data with remote bases smoothly.
  • Forget the necessary data. I wish I can control remote in office computer.

This problem can be solved by building a VPN.

The network that has been built with a dedicated line or the like , using a broadband line such as inexpensive optical line than the leased line, by building on the Internet VPN, it is possible to build an Internet VPN at unprecedented low cost you .


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Technical support

If you are using day-to-day essential personal computer in day-to-day operations, it will cause a variety of questions and problems.
If you are Additional post to a PC, you can't manage maintenance and backup of PC.
In order to solve such worries, we will respond quickly to customers by Professional engineer with knowledge.

We'll guide clearly until a customer can be convinced.

Support example of the contents

  • Consultation of the PC purchase
  • PC initial setup
  • Setup of peripherals
  • Extermination of Virus and Countermeasure
  • data migration
  • Replacement of hardware
  • The initial setting of the Internet connection
  • setting of share file
  • Installation of security cameras


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System Consulting

Web system for companies to build how to efficiently and strategically take advantage of the Web content has become an issue of the company.
And many clients want more Excellent operability and visual environment.

Many web system want to be System construction that can be take advantage in efficiently and strategically.
But they have gap in the Combination with the existing system and the Increase of development costs.

On the other hand is the choice of the network and the hardware that we must think in order to build a Web system.
The choice of web contents as well as network hardware has also become an important factor.
(The hardware has been progress, when old hardware replacement and purchase, In any manufacturer, how cheap, etc...)

Studiomeg is aiming.

Web system

We will confirm the corporate problem.
It can be resolved by use of the Web content.
we can be consulting the next-generation system architecture for efficiently strategic leverage for the excellent operating environment and the company for the client .

Network / Hardware

In order to build a Web system, the important element of strategic leverage is construction of network.We compose hardware equipment focusing on a network, And we can consult the efficient and strategic network construction that was including the Internet.