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At the time of inquiry, we will agree to the handling of personal information at our company as below.

Studio Meg Co., Ltd.

Personal information handling consent form

Although we will keep customer's personal information, we stipulate the following about the handling of personal information that we have kept, and we are striving to protect.

【Purpose of use】
  1. To respond to inquiries
  2. For shipment to document request
【Offer to third parties】

We will never provide your personal information to third parties without the consent of the person except for cases stipulated by law.

【Outsourcing of handling personal information】

We are outsourcing a part of the work to the outside so as to provide good service to our customers, so we may deposit your personal information to outsourcing parties.In this case, we select outsourcers that are deemed to be handling personal information properly, negotiate necessary matters for prevention of leakage of customer's personal information by appropriate management of personal information and confidentiality in contract etc, proper management Will be carried out.

【Optionality of personal information submission】

It is optional for the customer to submit personal information to us.However, if personal information is not submitted, we may not be able to reply or service from our company, so please understand in advance.

【About disclosure request of personal information】

You have the right to request notification, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the purpose of use of your personal information, suspension of use, suspension, suspension of offer to third parties.For details, please contact the following counter or "About the handling of personal information".

Inquiries:Personal information inquiry window
Responsible person:Personal information protection manager Akira Otsuka