Security information

Studio Meg Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Our company"), the site of our company get satisfaction by customer (hereinafter referred to as "users"), in order to provide results that are more reliable,based on nine items of following in our company perform in management and protection of security.

  1. Our company, all executives and employees have the awareness of information security,
    we are information security protection and management of the business on the basis of a clear intention.
  2. Our company make all information of our business activity the target of protection. In particular, customer information, sales information, we are adequate security measures for personnel and labor information.Also, each administrator, information from unauthorized disclosure and eavesdropping, will assume the responsibility to protect them from tampering.
  3. Our company has established a system that we plan and perform the protection and management of information security, it has been assigned a clear and specific roles and privileges.
  4. Our company, aims to improve the information security awareness of employees,
    in order to ensure the security measures, planned manner we conduct information security education.
  5. Our company, for all of the information assets related to the business operations,
    We perform a risk assessment from the point of view of information security, plan our information security management measures according to the degree of risk we conduct.
  6. Our company regularly conduct a review of the information security, proper maintenance of security measures, we are working to improve.
  7. When performing new business and service, our company is implementing plans to concrete and sufficient information security management measures.
  8. Our company grasp Generation of information security incidents, and can be review.
    We are performing corrective and removal of accident.

Network management officer

Information security shall the following persons to manage responsibly.

Studio Meg Co., Ltd. Network management officer

Contact for information security

Contact us for information security is thank you to the following e-mail address.

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Privacy Policy

【Idea of privacy policy】

Studio Meg Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") is engaged in business application development, web site creation · Flash content production, site operation, construction / setting of various servers of Windows / Linux, services centered on information security technology, information security consulting business etc. on the Internet etc. As its core business activities.
Personal information acquired from customers through business activities and personal information of our employees (including specific personal information, hereinafter referred to as "personal information") are important information for our company, We recognize that it is our important social responsibility.
Therefore, we deal with personal information acquired through our business activities in accordance with the following policies, we will provide "relief" to our customers and our employees regarding personal information protection and fulfill our social responsibilities.


1.Regarding acquisition, use and provision of personal information
  • We will acquire personal information by lawful and fair means.
  • We will use personal information within the range necessary for achieving purpose of use.
  • In the case of providing personal information to a third party, we will take the consent of the individual in advance.
  • We will not use unauthorized use of the acquired personal information. Also, we will take measures for that.
  • In case of need for non-purpose use, we will use it after obtaining re-agreement for new purpose of use.
2.Regarding the law, the guidelines prescribed by the government and other norms (hereinafter referred to as "laws and regulations, etc.")

We strive constantly to grasp the laws and regulations related to the business dealing with personal information, notify employees engaged in our business (hereinafter referred to as "employees") and keep them in compliance.

3.On the safety management of personal information
  • In order to prevent various risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, we will establish and maintain a system to take prompt corrective measures for the safety management of personal information.
  • We will carry out inspections, promptly rectify this for any violations or accidents found, and carry out preventive measures against weaknesses.
  • Employees are thoroughly educated on safety.
4.Regarding complaints and consultation

Regarding complaints and consultation concerning the handling of personal information, we set up a personal information inquiry window, we will establish a system that can respond promptly, we will respond in good faith.

5.On continuous improvement
  • In order to protect personal information, our company's personal information protection management system monitors and audits the compliance situation of internal regulations, endeavors to find violations, incidents, accidents and weak points and carries out review by management.We will reflect this in the control measures and internal regulations and make efforts to continuously improve the personal information protection management system.
  • As for improvement, we comply with laws and regulations and JIS Q 15001.

Date of enactment January 13, 2005
Revision date August 1, 2017
Studio Meg Co., Ltd.
CEO Akira Otsuka

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About the handling of personal information

In accordance with JIS Q 15001: 2006 requirement items and, we announce the following contents.

【Purpose of use when acquiring directly from the himself other than written acquisition】

Type of personal information Purpose of use Disclosure category
Personal information included in customer's server System maintenance support service Non-disclosure

【Purpose of using personal information to be disclosed】

Type of personal information Purpose of use
Information on the person who requested information and inquiries Response to inquiries, information on services
Customer · Supplier information Communication with customers / business partners, performance of contracts, request for performance
Information on recruit candidates / applicants Recruitment selection, contact
Employee information Employment management such as personnel, general affairs etc.

【Procedure for requesting disclosure etc】

Disclosure, addition or deletion of usage purpose, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to third parties, etc. of personal information to be disclosed held by the Company from the person himself or his representative (Hereinafter, the procedure for dealing with "request for disclosure etc.") is as follows.

1.Request for a request for disclosure etc

For requests for disclosure etc, please attach the required documents to the personal information disclosure etc invoice, and send it by post.When mailing the invoice to us, thank you in a way that you can check the delivery record, such as delivery record mail or simple registered mail.In addition, it would be greatly appreciated if you could write "enclosed personal information disclosure etc" in red in the envelope.

2.Documents to be submitted in requests for disclosure etc

When making requests such as disclosure, please fill in all required items on the invoice for personal information disclosure etc and then mail it.

3.Confirm yourself

We will verify by telephone for the confirmation of the identity of the claimant's disclosure request.However, if you can not verify by telephone, you may be required to present a copy of your driver's license, resident's card, health insurance card, etc.

4.Request for disclosure etc. by the agent

When delegating to an agent for requesting disclosure etc, please enclose the following documents in addition to the invoice for personal information disclosure etc.

  1. Documents for confirming that you are the agent (copy)
    Copy of driver's license, copy of resident's card, insured card of health insurance card one point
    ※Please prepare the copy that fills in the permanent domicile.
  2. Power of attorney (Please stamp the power of attorney by yourself and attach the stamp seal registration certificate of that seal.When an agent is a legal representative such as a custodian, it is also possible to submit a document that shows the relationship with the person in lieu of the power of attorney. )
5.Disclosure fee related to request for notice of purpose of use

In the case of requesting disclosure of personal information and notice of purpose of use, a fee of 500 yen (including tax) will be charged for each request.
Please enclose a 500 yen worth of postal fixed amount of money order to the submitted documents.
Customers are responsible for paying the fee for purchasing the postal fixed amount small order and the postage fee to the company.
Please note that we will not be able to notify you of the disclosure and purpose of use if the fee is insufficient and if the fee is not enclosed.

6.How to respond to requests for disclosure etc

We will reply in writing to the address stated on the invoice of the claimant.

If you have any questions or complaints or consultation, please contact the following counter.

Studio Meg Co., Ltd.
Personal information inquiry window
5-2-7-415, Ebie, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 553-0001, Japan
TEL:+81-6-6453-2301(Weekday from 10:00 to 17:00)
FAX:+81-6-6453-2321(24 hour reception)
《Person responsible for personal information》
Personal information protection manager Akira Otsuka

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site policy

1. About copyright

Documents, photos, illustrations, video, music, software, etc. on this site (hereinafter referred to as content), the studio Meg Co., Ltd. is protected by copyright, which a third party has to a rabbi (hereinafter, referred to you and our company) we have.

Personal or home or other, only when intended to be used within a limited range equivalent thereto, you can be replicated by such as downloading content.

Even in the case of non-duplication of the above purpose, in the case that have been shown to separate terms and conditions by the copyright owner to the individual of the content it can be utilized in accordance with the conditions.

Except in the case of the above and stipulated copyright law, without the permission of the copyright owner, it can't utilize. (Adapting the content, public transmission, etc., for any purpose and aspect)

Our company can't grant the content on this site our company or by third party copyright and the patent right and the trademark and other rights and any rights.

It doesn't guarantee regarding the contents of the content on this site.

In addition, the company doesn't assume any responsibility for the content of other sites that link from our site.

Content on this site may be changed or discontinued without notice.

2. About the use of Cookie

The Cookie are data files that come to sent from the web site on your computer, when the customer has visited again, web site can be read from your computer.
In our site, using the mechanism of Cookie in the part of the page, or omitting the time the customer enters each time, you may want to collect, such as history information of the pages you have visited. You don't get your personal information by Cookie. In addition customers will be able to reject the receipt of Cookie, but in this case, you may not be able to use part of the service provided by the site.

3. About Browsers if you use

In order to get comfortable to view and use this site, we recommend the following browsers.
・ Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0
・ Netscape Navigator 6.x ~
・ Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1/5.2
・ Netscape Navigator 6.x ~
However, depending on the customers of your environment, you may not be able to use part of the service provided by the site.

4. About SSL

This site, help customers to enter with confidence, such as personal information, we have introduced the SSL encryption technology to the page where you enter your personal information.
SSL data will flow through the network to the registration destination of the computer from being encrypted on your computer.

5. About Flash

On our site, you are using the FLASH in the part of the page. In order to view the FLASH page requires Adobe Flash Player 6 or more plug-ins.

6. JavaScript and style sheet

On this site, it uses JavaScript and style sheets. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to ensure full functionalities of our website.

7. For a link to the site

If you link to our site, please contact us beforehand in operating body of the link source site, purpose of link, URL of page of link source.

If you want to link, please to the top page of this site as a general rule.

May refuse the link.