contents of busines

1.Business application development

Web based business system

Build the Web server and the DB server linkage system.
Web app is coded in PHP, to take advantage of the PostgreSQL in the main to the DB server, use the XML database as needed.
Because it moves the system by the Web Service, it is possible to operate as an internal intranet of the business system.
By easily connect to the Internet, it can take full advantage of database because your branch offices and sales offices share applications.
In Studiomeg, to develop the best intra-system and Web systems based on customer needs.

2.Website Design/Flash content creation/Site operation

Total support of Website

In addition to the production of the whole of individuals, large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises website, development of Web systems, also supports banner production and logo production partial fabrication, such as.
Website after fabrication, we can also perform site management in order to have visited a large number of users such as registration and search engine measures to the search site (SEO/SEM).
After publishing, we update and improvement of website by ascertaining the trend of the user.
We can manage website like to easy to see and easy to use by user.
We can finish in Interactive using PHP and Javascript and Flash in order to improve the usability.

3.Windows/Linux various server construction and configuration

Intranet server

Placing the DNS server and DHCP server for intra maintenance in-house, we can do such as the construction of groupware and file server for sharing of business.

Internet server

We can support to Those of individuals and small and medium-sized companies that can not build an internet server in-house in storage and maintenance and management of server.

4.The service which made the information securities technology a criterion

The open source business which made the web service by information securities technology a criterion.
Website design/Flash design and Operation business.
Database ASP/network services, outsourcing business by the internet.
We aim to increases in corporate value by information security technology of Studiomeg.